POST GET users/self

Get full details for the authenticated user.

* required


No params defined for this method

Response Data

Returns a fully populated user object.
Name Type Description
address1 string
address2 string
businessHours string
businessUnit string
city string
company string
dateAdded datetime Date record was added
dateModified datetime Date record was modified
email email-address
fax string
firstName string
groupIDs array[integer] Groups user has access to
lastName string
permissions array Permissions granted to user
phone string
phone2 string
region string
state string
team string
templateIDs array[integer] Email templates user has access to
title string
url string
userID integer Unique ID of a user
username string Unique username
zip string

API Console

The console uses production data, so BE CAREFUL!
Param Value Type Description
Method has no parameters
Access token: *