POST GET contacts/activities

Get all contact activities by date range. When paging through results it is important to use static dates for startDate and endDate to ensure the data is consistent throughout the results. Data provided by this endpoint may be delayed.


POST contacts/delete

Delete an existing contact record.

Delete Groups

POST contacts/deleteGroups

Remove contact from the groups provided. ContactID or email is required.

Email History

POST GET contacts/getEmailHistory

Get emails sent to a single contact. ContactID or email is required.


POST GET contacts/getGroups

Get groups for a single contact. ContactID or email is required.


POST contacts/import

Save multiple contact records from a JSON array. All records in array must match in structure! The structure is defined by the first record. All records must contain an email address. Max of 1000 records at a time. Suppressed contact records cannot be unsuppressed through this endpoint.


POST GET contacts/lookup

Get full details for contacts by either contactID or email


POST contacts/save

Save a single contact record. ContactID or email is required. Only data for parameters passed in is saved.

Save Groups

POST contacts/saveGroups

Save groups for an existing contact. ContactID or email is required. By default, this call mirrors the functionality of /contacts/save when passing the "groupIDs" parameter. However, here you can include a "suppressed" flag per group which allows you to set group-level suppression.

POST GET contacts/search

Search contacts by various criteria


How To: Build email content Send marketing emails Send transactional emails Send automated emails

Cancel Schedule

POST emails/cancelSchedule

Cancel a scheduled email send


POST emails/copy

Create a copy an existing email and return it as a draft


POST emails/delete

Delete an existing email. Deleting a sent email will throw an error.

Activity Log

POST GET emails/getActivityLog

Get log of activity for a given email (who, what, when)


POST GET emails/lookup

Get full details for emails, including high-level deliverability metrics (for sent emails)


POST emails/save

Save content and header information for an email. Can pass an email object (i.e. response from /emails/lookup) or just key/value pairs.


POST emails/schedule

Schedule future delivery of a one-time email send. Equivalent to "sending" a scheduled email. Email must be ready to send.

POST GET emails/search

Search emails by various criteria.


POST emails/send

Send an existing email to its assigned recipients. The email must first be created using /emails/save. Once an email is sent, it cannot be modified in any way, but it can be copied to a new draft.

Send Test

POST emails/sendTest

Send a test of an existing email to a single recipient.

Send Transactional

POST emails/sendTransactional

Send a transactional email to a limited number of contacts in a single call. Transactional emails contain information that completes a transaction or process the recipient has started with you. This endpoint should never be used to send marketing emails. To include suppressed contacts, be sure to use the ignoreContactSuppression flag. NOTE: This endpoint must be enabled for your account before use. Please contact support for access.

Transactional Categories

POST GET emails/transactionalCategories

Get all transactional categories


Bulk export methods are for large data sets not easily retrieved via normal API calls. Export Process Overview