How To: Build email content

Sending Automated Emails

Before you can use the API to send automated emails, you must first create the email in the emfluence Marketing Platform (automated emails cannot currently be managed via the API). Information about that process can be found in the Platform Help Docs.

Automated (or auto-response) emails are associated with a single source group in the emfluence Marketing Platform and are sent/triggered when contacts are added to that group.

Once your automated email is set up, all you need is the ID of the group (groupID) the email is associated with. From there, you simply save the contact (or import multiple contacts) and add them to that group.

The example below demonstrates adding two contacts to groupID "123". Assuming groupID "123" has an active automated email and these contacts aren't already in that group, they will receive the email based upon its predefined delivery schedule.


Note that the groupIDs parameter is an array, so you could add contacts to multiple groups in a single API call. This can be very useful if you have multiple automated emails as part of a nurture series. Simply add your contacts to all of the associated groups and each automated email will be delivered according to its schedule.