How To: Build email content

Sending Marketing Emails

Marketing emails are sent to multiple contacts (or groups of contacts). The content is generally promotional in nature and is subject to CAN-SPAM and international laws governing email.

Sending marketing emails through the API is a multi-step process:

1) Create Contacts

You must first create the contacts that will receive the email. To create an individual contact, use the contacts/save endpoint. To create multiple contacts at once, you use the contacts/import endpoint. If you are working with a lot of contacts, it is strongly recommended you use the import endpoint.

If you are going to send the email to a group, you'll want to add the contacts to the group when creating them.

2) Create the email

Use the emails/save endpoint to define your email's content and recipients. You can send to individual contacts and/or groups of contacts.

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3) Send or schedule the email

Send the email immediately using the emails/send endpoint.
Schedule the email for future delivery using the emails/schedule endpoint.