POST GET exports/getFile

Get file generated from an export

* required


Name Type Description
fileKey * guid Unique ID used to retrieve file

Response Data

Zip file (content type: application/zip) returned as a binary. Be sure your HTTP library processes this request as binary! The zip file will contain a single flat file that is a plain text dump of the export data.


Method requires the Client admin permission

Example Calls

General steps involved in retrieving files

  1. Make API call to retrieve file
  2. Process binary response from API
  3. Save zip file to local file system
  4. Unzip flat file to local file system
  5. Process flat file containing exported data
  6. Clean up files on local file system (as needed)

Get file using fileKey

Response is binary of a zip file


Export file format

The zip file will contain a single flat file with a content type of text/plain. The flat file's name will use the format {{fileKey}}.csv

File Format
Column Delimiter Tab (\t)
Row Delimiter Carriage Return + Line Feed (\r\n)
Text Qualifier Double Quote. If a double quote occurs IN the data itself, it will be escaped with two double quotes:

Sample Export

"firstName"	"lastName"	"email"
"John"	"Doe"	""
"Jane"	"Doe"	""

API Console

The console uses production data, so BE CAREFUL!
Sorry, the console is unavailable for this endpoint.